Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Chibougamau-W aswanipi District, Quebec

CIM Bulletin1936
INTEREST in the mineral possibilities (gold, copper) of northern Quebec, north of the Quebec-Cochrane branch of the Canadian National railway, has centred for many years in the Chibougamau district (see Figure 1). Since 1934, however, promising gold discoveries in the Rose Lake-Florence River section, 115 miles southwest of Chibougamau lake, have widened the interest, and prospectors have examined other parts of the country between Chibougamau lake and Bell river and the surrounding districts.
Keywords: Deposits, gabbro, granite, Lake Chibougamau, Precambrian, quartz, Granite, Granites, quartz, Quebec, Rock, Rocks, sediments, Veins
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