British Guiana and its Bauxite Resources

CIM Bulletin1936
BRITISH Guiana, Great Britain's only South American colony, may be reached by very comfortable steamers, both from North America and Europe. The trip from North American Atlantic ports requires about 12 to 14 days; that from Europe about 18 to 20 days . A number of steamship lines, including Canadian, American, and Dutch, have regular sailings between North America and British Guiana, with calls en route at various interesting ports in the West Indies and northern South America. Moreover, several lines, including British, German, and French, have steamships operating regularly between Europe and the West Indies. Indeed, so popular have the West Indian voyages become in recent years that, during the winter months, special cruises in considerable number are organized for many vessels that ply in the trans-Atlantic service in the summer.
Keywords: aluminium, British Guiana, Demerara Bauxite Company, Demerara River, iron oxide, Bauxite, Mine, Mines, mining, North, Plants, Water, Waters
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