Possible New Uses for Canadian Natural Gas

CIM Bulletin1936
NATURAL gas is found in several provinces of Canada, particularly Ontario, New Brunswick, and Alberta. The largest producer is Alberta, and there the most important field is the Turner Valley, where some low-gravity crude oil and naphtha are associated with the gas. Last year there was produced from the Turner Valley field an average of 3,462 barrels, or about 450 tons, of oil a day. The gas flow from the wells in this field bears such a high ratio to the oil which comes from them that, despite the enforcement of a measure of conservation, it amounted to the vast quantity of 6,000 tons a day, or more than 2,000,000 tons a year.
Keywords: Carbon, ethyl alcohol, naphtha, natural gas, pyrolysis, Turner Valley, Fuel, Fuels, Pressure, Process, Processes, Production, Research, Stabilizers, Tubes
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