Comparative Costs of In bye Power in a Mine as Derived from Compressed Air or Electric Sources

CIM Bulletin1936
THIS paper deals with the subject of inbye power as the mechanical engineer sees it, and invites discussion, particularly from the electrical engineer. At the outset, it will be necessary to clear the ground a little by some definite statements. In this question of compressed air versus electricity for the transmission of power and driving of machinery in underground workings, we must see that there are definite fields that compressed air on the one hand, and electricity on the other, can fill to much greater advantage than the other, and in which there can be little or no direct competition, at least for the present.
Keywords: country rock, greenstones, Lake of the Woods, Laurentian granite, Pyrite-Gotd-Quartz, Gold, Granite, Granites, Mine, Mines, Rock, Rocks, Veins
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