Some Coal Mining Practices of the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation, Limited

CIM Bulletin1936
AUTHENTIC records show that coal mining in Cape Breton dates from the year 1720, when the French military authorities obtained coal from what is now known as the Blockhouse seam, in the Morien district, for use at Louisburg, where the fortress, now of such historic interest, was being built. Thereafter, coal was mined more or less continuously, and although, for many years, in a very haphazard way, there was, on the whole, a steady growth towards a better regulation of the industry, culminating in the year 1825 with the arrival of the General Mining Association in Nova Scotia.
Keywords: Coal, Colliery at New Waterford, Glace Bay, longwall, Nova Scotia-to the, Steel & Coal, Mine, Mines, mining, pillar, steel, Steels
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