The Pre-Mississippian Veins and Deposits of the Cariboo District

CIM Bulletin1936
ATIENTION has been drawn in the publications of the Department of Mines to the view that veins of two different ages occur in the Cariboo district, namely, those of Jura-Cretaceous age and those of pre-Mississippian age. It has been further pointed out that while there is doubtless a wide distribution of veins of pre-Mississippian age in and about the Barkerville and Stanley areas, and in the vicinity of Round Top mountain and Yank's peak, there is no such wide distribution of veins carrying gold values of commercial significance.
Keywords: Batholith, batholith, Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company, dykes, Mississippian, pre-Cambrian, Deposits, Gold, Mine, Mines, Value, Veins
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