The Cariboo and Bridge River Goldfields, British Columbia

CIM Bulletin1934
ALTHOUGH gold production in British Columbia began in 1859, lode gold was not produced till 1893. Since 1900, the annual production of lode gold has fluctuated between $3,000,000 and $6,000,000. About twenty per cent of this production may be regarded as by-product gold from base-metal mining. The remainder comes from a few isolated but important mines, such as the Rossland mines, Nickel Plate, Surf Inlet, Premier, Pioneer, Bralorne, Reno, and Cariboo Gold Quartz, and from several less important mines.
Keywords: Barkerville, Bridge River, Cariboo, Coast Range Batholith Quartz, stamp mill, formation, Gold, Mine, Mines, mining, quartz, Veins
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