Principles and Practice of Metallurgy at Falconbridge

CIM Bulletin1934
AS is well known, the fight between the blast fu mace and the reverberatory furnace in copper smelting during the second decade of the century ended with a victory for the latter, a result which must largely be attributed to the introduction of flotation methods. To my knowledge, no new blast furnace bas been blown-in at any American copper smelter since the War. As the metallurgy of nickel, up to and including matte smelting, is generally considered a close parallel to that of copper, the introduction of reverberatory smelting in the big new smelter of the International Nickel Company at Copper Cliff, built in 1928-30, seemed a logical adherence to a well established trend.
Keywords: blast furnace, Ontario Nickel Commission, silica, slag, smelting, Converters, Falconbridge, nickel, Ore, Ores, Silica, Slag, Slags, smelting
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