Recent Investigations on the Nature, Preparation, Storage, and Co king of Typical Coals from the Sydney Area, Nova Scotia

CIM Bulletin1933
THE Sydney coal-field extends for a distance of thirty miles along the northeastern coast of Cape Breton island. At a central focal point at the tip of the south arm of Sydney harbour, seven miles or so in from the Atlantic ocean, is the city of Sydney, with Port Morien to the southeast and Sydney Mines to the north . Mining centres along the ocean coast between these points include Birchgrove, Reserve, Glace Bay, and Waterford. The field is divided into three districts or 'basins', namely, Morien basin to the south, Glace Bay in the centre, and the Lingan-Sydney Mines basin to the northeast.
Keywords: Ash, calorific, Coke & Manufacturing Company, Dominion Coal Company., Nova Scotia, Sydney, Canadian, Coal, Coke, Cokes, Investigations, Storage, Temperature, test, Tests
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