Gold in Manitoba

CIM Bulletin1932
Gold holds an important place among the mineral products of Manitoba. In value, it ranks second only to copper, which in 1931 attained first place . The gold production increased from 23,189 fine ounces in 1930 to 102,969 fine ounces in 1931. The production for 1930, worth $479,359, came almost entirely from the Central Manitoba mine. The production for 1931 was worth $2,128,558, of which $1,509,018 came from the Flin Flon mine, $528,951 from the Central Manitoba, and $83,497 from the Sherritt Gordon . The Gem Lake mine and some prospects produced $7,785.
Keywords: Flin Flon, Flin Flon, Lake of the Woods, Northwest Manitoba, quartz, San Antonio Gold Mines, Gold, Manitoba, Mine, Mines, mining, Production
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