Metal Refining Facilities of Canada

CIM Bulletin1932
THE birth of the mining industry of Canada took place about 1670. According to Salone (Salone E., La Colonisation de la Nouvelle France, page 205) the first discovery of ore in the country was made by an iron-master, Monsieur de la Potardiere, near Trois Rivieres, Quebec. Under French rule some prospecting was done; but at this time no one seemed to consider the working of mines practicable. It was not until the time that Begon became Intendant, when the Marquis of Vaudreuil was Governor, that mining was attempted.
Keywords: British Copper Manufacturers ( a). ., Canada, Canadian, ICBL International Nickel Co., Zinc Production, Canada, Canadian, Consumption, copper, mining, nickel, Production, Refining
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