The Siscoe Gold Deposit

CIM Bulletin1932
THE Siscoe gold mine is the most easterly producer of gold from deposits lying in the belt of Keewatin and Timiskaming rocks which extends east from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, and on through the Rouyn copper area. Unlike many of the deposits in this belt, those of Siscoe are contained almost entirely in a stock of much-altered granodiorite which intrudes Keewatin lavas. They are situated on an island of about one square mile in area, lying in lake De Montigny, Dubuisson township, 40 miles south of Amos, on the Transcontinental branch of the Canadian National railways, and 52 miles east, and slightly south, of Noranda.
Keywords: andesite, dykes, granodiorite, quartz, tourmaline, Dykes, Fines, Fracture, Fractures, Gold, quartz, Rock, Rocks, Veins
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