Stratigraphy and Structure of Bituminous Coalfields in the Vicinity of Jasper Park, Alberta

CIM Bulletin1930
DURING the past six seasons the writer has been engaged in semi-detailed investigations on the coal areas lying along the front of the Rocky mountains between the Brazeau river and the Smoky River Coal Reserve (see Map, Figure 1). The purpose of this paper is to present some observations pertaining to the stratigraphy and structure of the district, touching especially upon the lithological units into which the Lower Cretaceous sediments have been divided, the thicknesses of the formations at different localities, the number, thicknesses and horizons of the principal coal seams, and the structural conditions which exist in the various fields.
Keywords: bituminous coal, chert, Lower Cretaceous, Mesozoic, Upper Cretaceous, Coal, Conglomerate, Conglomerates, Fault, Faults, formation, Rock, sediments, Shale, Shales
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