Geological Structure of the Southwest Portion of the Sudbury Basin

CIM Bulletin1930
THE geology of the Sudbury nickel field has been studied extensively, but there are few reports dealing with the structure of the interior of the basin. It was not until the Treadwell-Yukon zinc-lead deposits were discove.ted that attention was strongly directed toward the large-scale faulting that has split the basin parallel to its long axis. This faulting has been responsible for the ore deposits in the basin and it may be regarded in many ways as the most important geological event, next to the intrusion and differentiation of the nickel eruptive sheet, that has occurred in the Sudbury region.
Keywords: agglomerate, nickel, norite, Sudbury Basin Mines, tuff, Dykes, Fault, Faulting, Faults, formation, Mines, nickel, Structure, Sudbury Basin, Tuffs
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