Production Methods in the Turner Valley Field

CIM Bulletin1929
TURNER VALLEY is in the foothills of the Rocky mountains, at an altitude of 4,000 feet, and is 42 miles south west of Calgary. The present producing area is 8 miles long by 1;4 miles wide, while drilling is being carried on over an area of 10 miles by 2 miles . There are 32 wells producing, 26 wells drilling, and 17 wells shut down, making a total of 75 wells, which range in depth from 2,160 feet to 5,900 feet, varying according to the well location on the anticline- centre wells being shallower than those located on the flank.
Keywords: Drilling, Fuel, Fuels, hydrogen sulphide, miles long, natural gas, sodium carbonate, Turner Valley, Natural gas, Oil, Oils, Plants, Pressure, Production, Valley
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