The Place of Non-Metallics in the Mining Industry

CIM Bulletin1929
IN making this plea for a better and more sympathetic understanding of the non-metallic industry, I do not for one minute wish to give the impression that I in any way belittle the wonderful strides that have been made in the exploitation of our metallics. We in Canada can be justly proud of our Sudburys, Norandas, Flin Flons, and of the remarkable growth of the Consolidated in British Columbia, and at the same time, without in the !east detracting from these worthy undertakings, be equally as proud of our asbestos, gypsum, salt, and coal deposits, as well as of our buildingstone and limestone industries.
Keywords: Canada, Canada, fire brick, gypsum, limestone, mining, metals, Mines, mining, Mining industry, Non-metallics, Production
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