The Mesozoic Clay Deposits of the Mattagami and Missinaibi Rivers, Northern Ontario

CIM Bulletin1928
CONSIDERABLE attention has been paid in recent years to the fire-clay and silica-sand deposits of the Mattagami and Missinaibi rivers and • to the lignite occurring in them. The fireclay especially deserves this attention; it is of first-class quality; it appears to be widespread; it is the only fire-clay in central Canada, and part of it lies not more than 20 miles west of Coral rapids, to which point steel will be laid this coming spring by the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario railway.
Keywords: Clay, Clay Bank, lignite, Mattagami river., pre-Cambrian, quartz, Clays, Deposits, Lignite, Lignites, Ontario, Sand, Shale, Shales
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