Some Observations on a So-Called Interbedded Vein at Tangier, N.S.

CIM Bulletin1928
FOR many years it has been accepted as axiomatic that the greater number of 'veins' or 'leads' in the gold districts of Nova Scotia are of the 'interbedded' type. The corollary to this hypothesis is that the vein or lead will have a continuous hanging-wall of one kind of rock, and a continuous footwall of the same or another kind of rock; but the essential point is that the foot and hanging walls are, according to this theory, both continuous and of uniform composition throughout; and that the vein or lead conforms to the bedding of the adjacent strata.
Keywords: Calcite, calcite, Geological Survey of Canada, quartzite, slate, Tangier, Drifts, Gold, Lead, Quartzites, Rock, Rocks, Shafts, Veins
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