Recent Developments in Gaspe Peninsula

CIM Bulletin1928
THE year 1927 saw a great deal of activity in the mineral region of central Gaspe. The result of this work was in part disappointing and in part encouraging; disappointing from the fact that an option on the holdings of Lyall and Beidelman and the Federal Zinc and Lead Company, Limited, held by the National Smelting Company of London, England, was not taken up by them, and from the fact also that a number of other companies which were doing prospecting in the region found little on their claims to warrant carrying on further exploration; encouraging, however, because during the summer Lyall and Beidelman and the Federal Company uncovered a number of new veins, two of which are particularly promising, and because, also, of the fact that on the North American and Gaspe Mines' holdings a number of new veins were found .
Keywords: breccia, chalcopyrite, galena, quartz, syenite, Development, Developments, Lead, Limited, North, Prospecting, quartz, Veins, zinc
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