The Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN)— Energy Optimization- the 40% Mine

CIM Vancouver 2016
Dr Stephen Hardcastle (Research Scientist, Ventilation Specialist - CANMET), Mr Damien Duff (VP, Geoscience and Geotechnical R&D - Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation)
The Ultra Deep Mining Network, a $46M program within CEMI—The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation in Sudbury, Ontario has brought together academics, small to medium-size commercial enterprises as well as the mining industry to work on challenging aspects of ultra deep mining and tight shale hydrocarbon extraction. Up to $5.7M is being expended by teams on seven projects over the coming 2-3 years to produce commercializable products with value for the ultra deep mining sector. The technical focus is on two areas: 1) Deep Mine Cooling— the need for optimized processes and technologies and 2) Battery-powered electric drive vehicles— can existing diesel-powered fleets, particularly those in the 100-250HP range be replaced with a cost-effective electrically-powered solution specifically designed for ultra deep mines? In both cases, energy savings are anticipated leading to an improved ultra deep mine environment. This presentation will overview the projects, their objectives, R&D approaches, intended outcomes and intended commercializable deliverables. Opportunities to learn more will also be discussed.
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