Continuous Improvement – Engage, Improve, Evolve – Delivering Customer Value!

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Ryan Phillips (Cat Global Mining - Commercial Manager - Caterpillar Inc.)
CI is a well-known proactive improvement method used in many industries. It originally started with work by Edward Deming and the Japanese manufacturing industry. Within Caterpillar, Continuous Improvement was launched via our Six Sigma quality improvement processes, but CI can also be used within any quality process that the mining industry may be using. The key to CI is to understand that it is based on incremental improvement efforts, fully supported and engaged at the employee level, is typically not capital intensive, and ultimately encourages full support by the individuals adopting or receiving the change. To support CI efforts at mine sites around the world, Caterpillar has developed a number of Best Practices and have examples from around the world that help customers lower their overall cost by delivering true value.
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