Building Canada's Emerging Rare Earth Elements and Chromite Industry through Technological Innovation

CIM Vancouver 2016
Ms Janice Zinck (Director, Mineral and Metallurgical Processing - CanmetMINING)
In recent years, the steady, reliable and secure supply of critical and technology metals has become increasingly important to major industrialized economies that seek to sustain their industrial base and develop advanced technologies such as clean energy. In light of this, Canada, with its significant rare earth element (REE), chromite, and other metal reserves, has an opportunity to supply some of the global demand for these metals. However, to transition from promising mineral deposits to marketable products, investment in strategic R&D and expertise is needed to address the complex technological challenges around the production, separation and processing of these metals, and to better understand the global market for these key commodities. To this end, the Government of Canada is investing $23M over 5 years to accelerate production of REE and chromite/ferrochrome.

This industry-led program delivered by CanmetMINING, Natural Resources Canada has the goal to equip these emerging Canadian industries with the technological innovation needed to reach production. The presentation will discuss R&D advances achieved in the first year of the Program and will highlight the Canadian model of collaboration where industry (e.g. juniors, prospective producers, technology companies), government, academia and other stakeholders work closely to ensure Program R&D is targeted, innovative, effectively deployed and commercialized.

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