Market-Based Solutions to Poverty Alleviation in Locally Impacted Communities

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Stephen Nairne (Lundin Foundation)
Extractive industries -- mining, oil and gas - can create much-needed job and wealth creation for locally impacted communities. All too often, however, the transformative potential of these industries to have long-term development impact is lost due to the transactional nature of relationships between companies and locally-impacted communities.

Across its operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, the Lundin Foundation has been pioneering long-term, market-based solutions to poverty alleviation. Borrowing extensively from its experience in impact investing, the Foundation supports supply chain development and economic diversification through targeted technical assistance and the use of innovative debt, equity, and guarantee structures designed to enhance the accessibility and affordability of finance.

The Lundin Foundation is a non-profit corporation affiliated with the Lundin Group of Companies.
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