Resource Development and Resolution of Conflict with Indigenous People (and the importance of the “social chain of custody”)

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Peter Bradshaw (Chairman - Firt Point Minerealsd)
The attitude of indigenous and local people, and NGOs, to resource development has changed significantly over the last several decades. In response to this there have been a number of initiatives such as the UN Declaration on Indigenous People, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), E3+ from the Prospectors and Developers Association, to mention only a few. When faced with a particular situation in the field however it is often not obvious how to apply the various principles set out in these documents. This paper presents a number of case histories of conflict and how it was resolved. These mainly cover exploration but include decisions made during exploration on operations and mine closure. The importance of a “social chain of custody” as companies and personnel change, especially during exploration and development is emphasized.
This presentation can be interactive or suitable for a longer session (1 hour or longer) or a plenary session. As histories are presented the audience can be asked at various stages, before the conclusion of the history, how they would have recommended acting. There could also be opportunity to discuss how any situation may have been handled better.

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