Deploying Innovation – How to navigate ‘the chasm’ of the technology life cycle and secure team buy-in

CIM Vancouver 2016
Ms Erin Workman (Director, Technical Services - NovaCopper Inc.)
This presentation will discuss how mining professionals can leverage tools, such as the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, to recognize naturally evolving from potentially disruptive cross-industry innovations. Suggestions on when to enter the innovation adoption lifecycle and how to secure buy-in within an organization (users, influencers, buyers, decision-makers, gatekeepers) will be discussed through three personal stories. The first story will detail experiences implementing digital logging software company-wide during the mid-2000s (evolving technology). The second story will focus on the challenges faced securing organizational buy-in for implicit modeling software during the late-2000’s, and the speed-to-market advantages our team realized (disruptive technology). The third story will highlight some of my most recent experiences using and negotiating with innovators of some bleeding edge software packages currently competing for market share within the mining industry. Final thoughts regarding technology life cycles versus a traditional mine development cycle will be explored.
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