Falco’s Horne 5 deposit: From tons of paper to tons of metal…

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Carl Pelletier (Co-President & Founder - InnovExplo), Mr Guilhem Servelle (InnovExplo), Ms Francine Fallara (InnovExplo)
The copper rich part of the giant VMS Horne deposit was mined by Noranda between 1922 and 1976. In 2013, the junior Falco Resources found in a historical report a mention of a mineral resource estimate dating from 1963 on a zone called Horne No. 5. It caught their attention that this resource was quite large but no record of mining on this zone exist. In order to validate this information, Falco Resources decided to dig into Noranda’s vault to find more information. Tons of paper information were took out of the dust from which 11,000 diamond drill holes were intered into a database, with drifts and stopes modelized in 3D by InnovExplo. 3D software is not new to the mining industry however in Falco’s Horne 5 deposit, the 3D model led to numerous applications. It greatly facilitated the geological understanding of the VMS context and interpretation of the orebody extending over 800 metres of strike length and 2,000 m vertically and it lead to the identifications of new exploration targets. In addition, this model is now being used for mineral resource estimate, engineering studies, dewatering estimate, metallurgy, environment, permitting and social acceptability.
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