Structured Data Collection and Dissemination

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Paul Stacey (President - MapIT Inc.)
If you can’t use the collected data, what’s the point. All too often good data management is sacrificed. Without an economic intercept it’s seen as an unnecessary expense that doesn’t provide any direct benefit, financial or informational, to a project. In reality, defining workflows and data structure early on to properly collect, manage and distribute project information is more likely to save money and more quickly advance a project. These steps will ensure that collected data is quality controlled on input, then available immediately to geologists and other decision makers for both informed ‘next hole’ decisions, as well as quicker resource estimates. If one bad hole dataset is saved then the cost of proper data management are accounted for 10x. Using acQuire GIMS we follow exploration data path from planning, through collection and evaluation to distribution for future targeting and eventually resource calculation.
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