Mining Technical Data in the Public Domain

CIM Vancouver 2016
Ms Donna Cortolezzis (Sessional Lecturer - Laurentian University), Ms Donna L.Beneteau (Departmental Assistant Mining - University of Saskatchewan), Ms Kristin Bogdan (Science and Engineering Librarian - University of Saskatchewan)
The purpose of the study was to conduct a systematic review of published literature on different Mining Operations. A checklist of sought-after data was developed. Although the goal was to find material for undergraduate teaching particularly in the area of rock mechanics, this information is also of value to historians and researchers interested in the Canadian mining industry. The study mainly focused on papers that could be found from on-line databases using tools available at the University of Saskatchewan and Laurentian University, and also those databases open to memberships of CIM, ISRM, Infomine, and ISEE. Anecdotal findings suggest that publications in the past 30 years have been focused on geology, safety, the environment, and equipment. As the amount of stored data continues to increase considerably, it is suggested that knowledge discovery for students in technical programs would be greatly simplified if industry would periodically publish generalized papers about technical aspects of mining operations. This sharing of information should ultimately advance empirical rock mechanics and mine design.
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