Analysis of induced stresses in underground excavations using field deformation monitoring

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Nathan Schartner (Associate Professor - University of Saskatchewan)
This paper presents a method for estimating stress change at a mine using commonly recorded drift closure data. A software program is presented that converts closure station data to approximate stress change, thus allowing mine operators to frequently and inexpensively estimate changes in induced stresses in their mine. This program is calibrated using shape variation. Quantifying induced stresses post mining is key to validating computer models for mine design, and for input into empirical mine design techniques. This method can be applied in combination with stress measurement devices which measure stress on a much more localized level. Though it can be argued that direct measurement using instruments such as vibrating wire gauges is more precise, this is more costly and difficult to interpret. Closure data is easily obtained in a mine, and as shown through examples from Claude Resources Inc. Seabee Gold Mine, this data can highlight when stress changes are occurring.
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