Groundwater Monitoring in the Lornex Pit - Highland Valley Copper

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Loyed Shwydiuk (Geotechnical Project Coordinator - Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership), Mr Martin Stewart (Senior Hydrogeologist - Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.), Mr Mathieu Veillette (Senior Geotechnical Engineer - Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership), Mr. Andrew Holmes
Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership has implemented a piezometer network and telemetry system to automatically collect pore pressure data in the walls of the Valley and Lornex Pits, and a database system to interactively manage and graphically present the data. The system provides real time plotting and monitoring of pore pressures in the slope, and allows downloading of data for more rigorous assessments. Groundwater monitoring data collected using this system inform the conceptual hydrogeological model for the pit slopes, provide data for numerical model calibration, and allow for trend analysis to assess response to dewatering measures and to predict ultimate drawdowns. Data collected by the system provide the feedback loop necessary to optimize the dewatering/depressurization measures and provide valuable input to stability analyses. The presentation will describe the piezometer monitoring system, and present hydrographs to illustrate the interpretations and predictions that can be derived from the data.
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