Planning for Mine Closure and Reclamation Planning – an international standard

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mrs Susan Ames (Rescan Environmental Services)
A new international standards work program is underway through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop a series of international standards that will provide requirements and recommendations for mine closure and reclamation, with a focus on reducing the environmental risks and environmental impacts of mining. Nine countries are actively participating in the standards development program, including all of the most significant mining countries in the world.
This presentation will present an International Work Item and International Standard that Canada has proposed on the topic of Mine Closure and Reclamation Management Planning. The project is intended to provide a crucial overarching document for Mine Closure and Reclamation Management Planning along with providing the requirements or recommendations for this. The document will also act to help guide the development of related standards for the mine reclamation management process. The objective is that the ensuing standard will help ensure consistency and completeness in terms of the mine closure and reclamation management planning process across the entire lifecycle of the mining activity.
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