International standards development program for Autonomous Mining

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Tim Skinner (President - SMART Systems Group)
At the September 2015 International Plenary Meeting for ISO TC 82 (Mining), a motion was put forward to establish a new subcommittee under TC 82 focused on Autonomous Mining. Canada was subsequently invited to provide the Chair of this international subcommittee.
This presentation will provide an overview of the work activities of this new ISO committee on autonomous mining, and will also detail the benefits for the Canadian mining industry with respect to Canada taking such a leadership position on this. In particular, it will be explained how this helps Canada in establishing and setting the direction of the international standards program as well as the direct and strong positive benefits of this for Canada’s competitiveness, technological research, development and innovation. It is also explained how the Autonomous mining subcommittee provides greater focus and priority for mine operations and technological advancement in the global mining industry, which will directly and positively impact mine operations in Canada and internationally. Finally, it is discussed how Canada can drive forward greater collaboration and participation amongst the global mining industry and thus help foster a more efficient and effective environment for not only Canadian industry, but the entire global mining sector.
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