Update on International standards development program for ISO TC 82 (Mining (TC 82) and Mine Closure (SC7))

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Paul Steenhof (Project Manager - Natural Resources, CSA Group)
There is now a very active international standards development program for the mining sector through ISO TC 82 (Mining). The scope of ISO TC 82 includes specifications related to specialised mining machinery and equipment used in opencast mines (e.g. conveyors, high wall miners, rock drill rigs and continuous surface miners) and all underground mining machinery and equipment for the extraction of solid mineral substances; recommended practice in the presentation of plans and drawings used in mine surveying; methods of calculation of mineral reserves; mine closure and reclamation management; and the design of structures for the mining industry. At present, there are 7 different ISO working groups, one active subcommittee, and one proposed subcommittee as related to standards being developed through this program. Canada is actively involved and contributing its knowledge and expertise to this ISO standards program through a Harmonized Canadian Standards Mirror Committee to ISO TC 82 that has been organized and managed by CSA Group.
In this presentation, we will provide an update of the standards development program underway through ISO TC 82, and discuss how Canada is currently contributing to this program and also the potential impacts of the standards developed this of Canada’s mining sector.
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