Remote Site Medical Services – Key Elements

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Alvaro Sanclemente (International SOS Assistance, Inc.)
Industries face several challenges when working in remote locations. Remote projects have their unique problems that are caused mainly by the remoteness of the project itself such as extreme working conditions, often in isolated locations, facing higher risks than sites in well located areas. Provision of adequate medical care is fundamental to ensuring the required health and well-being for remote employees as well as maintaining business continuity. This can be particular challenge in a new, remote or harsh environment. By really understanding the potential health hazards, combined with a comprehensive view of the surrounding medical capability, companies will be in a position to plan the right onsite medical care and mitigate risks.

Understanding primary health, hygiene and safety hazards at remote locations are key factors to consider when setting up onsite medical provisions.

The aim of this presentation is to review the key elements involved in the provision of medical services in a remote location based on experiences and lessons learned from several remote projects globally and to highlight the importance of adequate planning in order to ensure that prompt, adequate and appropriate medical care is provided onsite.
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