Use of condition based monitoring (CBM) to improve haul truck tire life

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Stéphane Godin (Suncor Energy)
Suncor Mine Operations has developed a process to use tools such as condition based monitoring technologies to maximize haulage truck time value.
Suncor’s mining organization, Fort McMurray-Alberta, runs an operation of more than 125 haul trucks (Caterpillar 797 and Komatsu 930Es). The configuration and layout of the mine is particularly complex with an arrangement of short and long hauls (up to 16 km). Distance, load, truck’s speed and road roughness are key factors affecting the expected life of a tire. Extra variability is added by compounding ambient temperatures. In Northern Alberta and over a year, temperatures can fluctuate from -40 ºC range to +30 ºC range.
As a part the of the CBM strategy and by partnering with some tire manufacturers, the haul truck tires have been equipped with pressure and temperature monitoring sensors. These sensors send real time information about each tire through the equipment’s on-board communication system. Having access to this real-time information allows the mine dispatch team to identify potential problematic tires and act on it, as an example during warm summer days, a “Hot Tire Protocol” can be initiated based on the condition of the tires. This protocol modifies the truck’s haul pattern to allow cool down of the tires therefore reducing the risk of failures and rapid deflation.
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