The Field Ready Electrochemical Detector (FRED) - Using Biology to Design Next Generation Water Quality Sensors

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr David Lloyd (FREDsense Technologies)
FREDsense is a Calgary Alberta based company focused on designing water monitoring platform technologies for mining, oil and gas and other environmental impact sectors using bio-engineering. We produce spot-testing and are in development of continuous monitoring solutions for heavy metals, organics, and other compounds found in process waters and environmentally sensitive areas. Our technology uses a cartridge system that contains a bacteria to sense molecules of interest in water. The system is portable (fits in the palm of your hand), easy to use, takes under thirty minutes for a reading, and can be expanded to sense any type of chemical. Our team of twelve have a diverse background in biochemistry, synthetic biology, electrochemistry, and various business skills. We are beginning pilot studies within the USA and Canada in June of 2016 for our first arsenic biosensor solution and actively pursuing opportunities to partner with mining companies as new sensors are being developed. Synthetic Biology has the unique ability to meet challenges within the energy and mining sectors. As veterans in this field, our team has the experience to produce safe, robust, and unique organic systems to meet challenges in our everyday world.
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