Digging deeper for diversity – Developing innovative industry wide strategies

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mrs Courtnay Hughes (The Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR))
During a downturn, diversity initiatives are often lost in the shuffle. This is unfortunate, because the organizational benefits of a more diverse workforce, including increased innovation, and the ability to more nimbly adapt to change are the exact qualities that are needed during difficult economic times.
In partnership and collaboration with industry, career seekers, communities and educators, MiHR has completed a three year intensive study of the mining workforce barriers and challenges that are facing three diverse labour supply groups; namely, Aboriginal peoples, immigrants and women. These studies have identified gaps and opportunities and expanded our understanding of the sector specific barriers to workforce engagement, career development and retention.
In addition, these studies have supported the development of a national consultation process which aims to establish an industry-wide action plan on diversity and inclusion in the sector. This action plan will prioritize further national research work and program development on diversity and inclusion. This session will provide an overview of the labour market information on diverse groups within the mining sector, the business case for diversity during an economic downturn, review key findings from the national diversity studies, and provide an update on the development of an industry-wide action plan on diversity and inclusion.

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