Phased development of a constructed wetland for long-term closure water treatment at the Minto Mine in Yukon, Canada

CIM Vancouver 2016
Dr Monique Haakensen (President & Principal Scientist - Contango Strategies), Dr Vanessa Pittet (Principal Scientist - Contango Strategies), Dr. Haakensen Monique (President & Principal Scientist - Contango Strategies), NA Jennie Gjertsen (Minto Mine (Capstone)), NA Ryan Herbert (Minto Mine (Capstone))
When designed and executed in a scientifically guided manner, Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems (CWTSs) can treat various constituents in water. A customized and site-specific CWTS is being developed for Capstone Mining Corporation’s Minto Mine (Yukon) to convert selenium and copper from the water to minerals in the soil, thereby improving water quality and decreasing risk to the downstream environment. A scaled, phased approach was used to allow for improvements, optimizations, and flexibility for modifications along each step. These phases are: 1) site assessment and information gathering, 2) technology selection and conceptual design, 3) pilot-scale testing and optimization (controlled environment), 4) on-site demonstration-scale confirmation and optimization, and 5) full-scale implementation. The first 3 phases have been completed successfully, with Phase 4 underway. Obstacles overcome using this phased approach and associated performance highlights will be discussed in this presentation.
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