Integrated Personal Protection for Ultra-deep Mines

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Jason Buie (Jannatec Technologies), Mr Steffon Luoma (Senior Research Scientist - Jannatec Technologies), Mr Stephen Podrucky (Jannatec Technologies)
The financial risk of new mine discovery and development is motivating an increase in mining depths to extend the lifetime of existing mines. This increase in depth leads directly to an increase in environmental challenges (e.g., increased risk of heat stress, greater distance from surface, etc.). These challenges pose a serious concern to the safety and operational costs of today’s mines. Management of these challenges will enable safe and productive mining at depths greater than 2.5 km. Current solutions rely on conventional gear that is not necessarily designed with consideration of these challenges. We present an integrated solution for personal protective equipment for use in ultra-deep mines. This solution integrates assisted thermoregulation of the miner with environmental sensors, digital communications and enhanced productivity tools. Thermoregulation of miners in the high temperature and humidity environment will be accomplished with real time environmental and physiological data. Environmental sensor and real time location data will be communicated directly to the miner. These are important components when considering the remoteness from surface of this workforce. An integrated system designed with consideration to ultra-deep mining for personal protection will be necessary for the protection of miners and increased productivity in this environment.
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