Structural Geology Techniques for Model Validation and Targeting

CIM Vancouver 2016
Dr Ron Uken (SRK Consulting), Mr GEOFF OWEN (Senior Consultant (Structural Geology) - SRK Consulting)
Structural geology is integral to defining the controls on mineralisation, developing an exploration strategy, and fundamental to resource modelling and geotechnical aspects of mine design. This is achieved through traditional geological and structural mapping, usually integrated with geophysics and drill hole logs, resulting in the generation of complex 3D structural models. Structural complexity, on both a regional and local scale, may result in significant misinterpretation of the data, impacting on decisions made for exploration, resource and mining.
Here we outline useful techniques for validating geological models. These include the use of axial surface projections, structural domaining, and formline analysis to locate potentially unmapped structures and unravel the structural complexity. Examples used are from advanced exploration programs and mining operations where these techniques contributed to understanding structural continuity, cross-cutting relationships and geometry, and significantly added to the geology model confidence.
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