RCM – a fresh perspective and a new approach

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr James Reyes-Picknell (President - Conscious Asset Management)
Companies with reliability cultures are lower cost producers with high availability and utilization. They often achieve this performance using Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). It is widely recognized as the best approach for developing failure management strategies, but it is also known to be a “resource consuming monster”. Traditional approaches to RCM training delivery, competency development for facilitators and practitioners are time consuming, expensive and create a substantial hurdle to getting started. Very long project durations result from piece-meal approaches that are often a result of the scare-tactic insistence by some RCM proponents that it is the only method suitable to protect you from reproach should something go wrong. Streamlined alternatives attempt to address this but they have long been criticized for lack of rigor, leaving the user at risk.

A fresh perspective and approach are needed. RCM is needed but it can be overkill if used on its own. You need results quickly, without overdoing the effort and without using vast resources from your lean and limited supply of skilled people. This presentation, by a long time practitioner of traditional RCM methods, shows how those traditional RCM approaches often fail in today’s tighter markets. It shows what is needed in today’s cost conscious environment and offers a fresh approach that is easier, balanced, less resource intensive and cheaper to get started while delivering business results quickly.
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