Innovation in Data Management: A Mining Industry Knowledge Hub

CIM Vancouver 2016
Dr David Sanguinetti (Sanguinetti Engineering ), Mr Michael Flynn (Canada Mining Innovation Council )
The Canada Mining Innovation Council has launched an innovative data project entitled Mining Industry Knowledge Hub. The project focuses on compiling and storing water quality data that are collected by mining companies.

The data will be collected from mostly disparate sources (e.g. companies, regulatory bodies, assessment agencies) and will be stored in a centralized hub for access and use by stakeholders. This will help to solve a variety of challenges faced by stakeholders, including mining companies, regulatory agencies, researchers, and the general public. This includes: data preservation over time; reducing duplication of effort (particularly for proximal project sites); simplifying the mine permitting process by facilitating data access; enhancing predictive water quality modelling; providing an accessible tool for researchers to study mine-impacted water bodies; establishing a scientifically-sound and empirical evidence base for devising water regulations; and, enhancing data transparency / democratization for stakeholders.

This paper provides an overview of the project implementation to date. Use cases for the data are presented. The accompanying presentation provides an interactive demonstration of a potential platform for the knowledge hub.
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