Utilization of Aerial Drones to Optimize Blast Fragmentation

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Lon Santis (President - Explosives Risk Managers LLC), Mr Mark Wagner (Sales Manager - WipWare Incorporated)
The ongoing challenge of quantifying and improving blast fragmentation in mines and aggregate quarries has operations looking to innovate with non-intrusive methods in order to optimize procedures. With the advancement of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) technologies, operations are realizing the benefits of new capabilities including aerial particle size analysis through photoanalysis, using existing UAS photographs taken for surveying and 3D profiling.
Using a quarry as a test case for the use of UASs, this technical paper will outline the operation’s challenge as it relates to blasting procedures and their effects on material size, and how UASs can monitor and improve every aspect of an operation’s blast from predicting the effects of spacing and burdens to quantifying muckpile material size onsite.
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