Geomechanical Block Model to Evaluate Zone of Lower Rockmass Quality

CIM Vancouver 2016
Dr Denis Thibodeau (Senior Geomechanical Consultant - Stantec Consulting Ltd.), Mr Allan Schappert (Project Manager - Stantec Consulting Ltd.)
Geo-statistics have been used for decades to define tons and grades of mineral resources and to develop ore body models for mine design and financial analysis. Geomechanical risk may cause unforeseen issues and derail the best mining plan if not taken into account early in the mine design process. When even limited geomechanical information is available this information can be modelled using simple geo-statistic tools to create a 3-dimentional visual representation of the mine plan and changing rock conditions. These models can be used to indicate areas of concern within the footprint of the proposed mine allowing the miners to plan ahead for areas of poorer rock conditions.

This paper will present the techniques used to establish a geomechanical model for a proposed mine decline based on ten diamond drill holes geomechanically logged for the Barton Q and Bieniawski Rock Mass Rating.
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