PRISM - PISCES Robotic International Space Mining competition

CIM Montreal 2015
John Carl Hamilton (PISCES - Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems)
ISRU is the backbone of future space exploration, and collection of the regolith feedstock (aka mining) is the first step in the process. The inaugural PISCES Robotic International Space Mining competition was held July 2014 at the Planetary Analog site on Hawai`i island. Modeled after the NASA Lunabotics competition (now renamed the Robotic Mining Competition), this university-level event takes the NASA competition into a real analog field environment and (in distinction to the current NASA RMC) is open to non-US teams. Six teams competed and piloted the course and competition parameters. The second event will be held July 2015. This presentation will report on the challenges and success of PRISM.
Keywords: Mining, Education, ISRU, Robotics
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