Leading Change under Uncertainty: Qakimajurq Project

CIM Montreal 2015
Steven Bowles (Raglan Mine)
Raglan Mine’s installations are located at the extreme limit of Northern Québec, where it operates one of the richest base-metal mines in the world. The Raglan Mine property stretches 70 kilometers from east to west, with a series of high-grade ore deposits scattered along its length.
Qakimajurq – which means “rich” in Inuktitut - is Raglan Mine’s fourth underground mine in activity. Despite this project’s successful outcome, steps to complete its construction were not all easy.
The Qakimajurq underground mining project was initially approved with the assumption that world class lateral development rates will be achieved. About halfway through the project, development rates were, at best, industry average, delivery was expected to be significantly behind schedule and over budget, and, worst of all, the team did not believe in a successful outcome. However, by the end of 2014, the project was delivered under budget, two months ahead of schedule, and it had achieved record setting single heading development rates.
The transformational journey of Raglan Mine’s Qakimajurq project will be presented with a focus on leading change through organizational efficiency.
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