Enhancing Safe and Reliable Operations By Focussing on “Green Days”

CIM Montreal 2015
Brian Marshall (The Mosaic Company)
Mosaic is several years into a multi-year CI initiative aimed at enhancing capacity through projects focused on Maintenance Workflow and Execution, Asset Integrity and Reliability, Operational Excellence, and Continuous Improvement. The expectation is for local leadership teams to develop expertise in sustained follow-through on CI activities and to continually raise the bar on performance. Building leadership capacity at all levels was identified as a foundational element to help ensure long-term sustainability.
We recently completed extremely successful proving runs at two sites. Our experience shows that “Safe and Reliable Operations” is as much about leadership and behaviour as it is business strategies, technologies, and process improvements. Our approach involved defining “Green Days” based on measures of safety, environmental performance and productivity, cascading those measures through the whole organisation, and aligning leadership around performance goals. We out-performed productivity targets while improving safety, environmental performance and plant reliability and saw positive impacts on employee and staff engagement.
We will share data to highlight the gains made during the proving runs and the actions necessary to put long term solutions in place to maintain and grow our leadership, behaviour and culture.
Keywords: Asset Integrity, Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Reliability, OPEX, CI, Safety, Operational Excellence
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