Remote, Real-time Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring

CIM Montreal 2015
Emily Moore (Hatch)
Water quality monitoring is one of the most time-consuming and costly components of environmental baseline monitoring programs for mine developers and operators. The monitoring is a core component of the environmental assessment process as well as a practical tool for environmental management throughout the mine life cycle.

Water quality monitoring is typically conducted by way of grab sampling where individuals physically go to sampling points, take the sample, and then transport of samples to a laboratory for analysis. Several challenges exist with this approach including: health and safety risks associated with deploying individuals to sampling points, costs associated with the sampling and the analysis, potential QA/QC problems associated with sampling and transport of samples, and the limited application of grab sample data.

The Environmental Stewardship Initiative of the Canada Mining Innovation Council is implementing a program for the development of remote, real-time sensors for water quality monitoring. The deployment of the sensors aim to solve the challenges outlined above, so enhancing water quality monitoring for mine developers and operators as well as stakeholders at large.
Keywords: sensors, real-time, sensor package, CMIC, water quality, monitoring, remote
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