Iron Ore Induration Furnace Advanced Control

CIM Montreal 2015
Michel R. Dion (Honeywell Process Solutions), Bob K Jonas (Honeywell Process Solutions)
Induration furnaces are difficult to control in optimal way, as it is highly interactive with long time delays on the pellet side, contrasting with very rapid response on the gas side. In addition, the high level of interaction makes the process inherently difficult to control tightly with the conventional controls that are usually implemented.
A modern multivariable advanced process control has been implemented that maintains or improves pellet quality and process safety by good control of the temperature profile for each individual zones and control of each individual zone/re-circulation gas flow. In addition advanced control can optimize the furnace to maximize throughput and minimizing energy usage.
This paper will discuss the challenges of induration furnace control and how they can be best managed by an advanced multivariable control strategy that uses ‘of-the-shelf ‘advanced control software and hardware, as well as be uses systems that are well proven in the harsh conditions found in mineral processing plants.
Keywords: furnace, Iron, optimization, control, induration
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