Guidelines for the development of a unified shovel interface

CIM Montreal 2015
Andy Chapman (Peck Tech), Mark Baker (CheckMark Consulting)
This presentation will discuss the development of guidelines for implementing a unified shovel operator interface. The method for accepting and deploying advanced mining technologies in the industry has led to multiple product offerings, each containing siloed components that were designed and implemented for the specific application by the relevant OTM. The resulting lack of standards in the industry impedes the integration of such multiple applications onto a single shared platform. The end result requires duplication of components for these disparate systems onboard the relevant mining machines. This issue is especially highlights on a typical mining shovel where numerous different operator interface displays and alarms all vie for a shovel operator’s attention during a typical shift, leading to significant information overload. Adding new and emerging technologies (e.g. Production Monitoring, Payload Monitoring, Track Elevation, Bucket Positioning, Equipment Health, Missing Tooth Detection, Proximity Awareness, etc.) in such piecemeal fashion is suboptimal and results in a low level of situational awareness. GMSG, through its collaborative work with a wide cross-section of industry partners, is working with its stakeholders to develop an industry acceptable interface standard that will address the need for a unified display. The net result is to publish acceptable standards and guidelines that will allow for the integration of pertinent technologies to significantly enhance the situational awareness of the relevant equipment operator.

This presentation will cover the 2015 developments of this project, including:
• an alarm management and prioritization guideline in review for publication this year
• field-testing the GMSG proof-of-concept unified operator interface on a production shovel at Shell’s Albian Sands operation in Fort McMurray
• a design and placement guideline for the unified operator interface
Keywords: interoperability, shovels, safety, guidelines, alarm management, communications
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